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Handcrafted, organic breakfast delights

About Us

We are a mother and daughter outfit. My favorite place to be is on my boat. Her favorite place to be is in her bakery. Together we came up with the idea of Charter Boat Bed and Breakfast.

Sailing in the fog

A Unique Bed and Breakfast with a nautical flair

I'm a sailor. I grew up sailing with my Dad who had two vices, sailing and ice cream. I was away from the water for several years and came back to it "quite by accident". The moment I got out in the middle of the Bay with the sails up, all the memories came flooding back and I got "the bug" again. This will be my eigth season on Sea Jewel and whether I'm working on her or sailing her, there is no place I'd rather be. 

Bellingham has a large boating community. Squalicum Harbor is home to more than 1,400 commercial and pleasure boats including a large charter fleet. My Cal 2-34 is docked on the same gate as the two primary charter companies; San Juan Sailing and NW Explorations. Having been at the marina for 7 seasons I've had the opportunity to witness first hand the chaos that goes on in getting ready for charter adventures. We saw a need to provide a cozy place to stay where you'll enjoy some serenity and a good, healthy breakfast before embarking on your adventure and upon your return.

Jennifer, (my daughter), has always loved being in the kitchen crafting delicious cuisine. That love has turned into her passion as she is a graduate of the pastry chef program at Bellingham Technical College. There she learned techniques and ideas to further enhance her craft. All of her pastries, cookies and cakes are made with organic ingredients. She is all about flavor profiles as opposed to just throwing sugar on everything. Check out our guests' reviews. It seems they agree. Jennifer's bakery is open so please feel free to order some to take with you on your adventure, wherever that may lead you. You will also find her delicious delights at America's Cup coffee shop down at the harbor on Gate 3.

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